The Department of Mathematics is one of the is one of the Department of the College of Science. It has been established in 1964 to contribute to preparing graduates who are scientifically and administratively able to involve in the labor market to nourish various state facilities from secondary education institutions and institutions of the industrial sectors and scientific research.

The department’s goals are determined by the state’s policy and the requirements of the development and awareness plan to build cadres and scientific expertise along with the continuous scientific progress. Since department’s opening, the number of teaching staff increased up to (58) lecturers with various specializations and degrees, also the number of accepted students is increasing every year and the development continues in the curricula to simulate scientific and global development in the field of mathematics.

The department vision
The Department of Mathematics worked on excellence in establishing an educational environment characterized by the quality of application, scientific research and methods of education using advanced technologies to ensure the upgrading of the department's graduates and in accordance with this vision, the Department of Mathematics will seek to provide an ideal environment in which students and faculty members in the department cooperate to serve our beloved Iraq.

Department message
The Department of Mathematics Sciences contributes to the following goals:

1) Providing cadres with scientific and educational competencies qualified to work in education, education and other state institutions.
2 (Graduating qualified students to complete their postgraduate studies (Masters and PhD) inside and outside Iraq.
3) Supporting the student’s ability to link the theoretical and practical aspects.
4) Continuous intellectual enlightenment of the latest developments in knowledge and information technology in all aspects of mathematics.
5) Keeping pace with scientific progress in mathematics, its applications and its relationship with society and its various industrial and productive institutions.
6)Developing students' mathematical mental abilities in order to keep pace with the paths and levels of technical and scientific development in the world.